Dance is more than learning steps.
Each time you dance you create an experience that you share with yourself and others. In my life I have learned that it is these experiences, not objects, which make us happy.”– Caroline Calouche


Ballet: Through the classical ballet technique, you will improve coordination, precision of movement and rhythm in this class.  Ballet shoes or socks required.

Contemporary Dance:  This dance class will explore alignment to increase your options for movement, release tension and focus on efficient use of your body for dynamic movement.  You will learn how to harness momentum to create form, be musical and have fun while exercising.

Dance Music Videos: Each month learn a new dance from a hit music video that you have been secretly dying to do!  Kaila will teach Thriller in October.

Funky Fit Dance Party: No more dance party of 1 alone in the shower, car or bedroom!  Join Candice and other fun adults to shake your groove thing to the hot beats of latin, hip-hop, pop and caribbean music.

Handbalancing: Learn how to use your hands as your feet to balance in various positions upside down.  Great work out for your abs and arms.  Classes end with arm stretches to leave you feeling strong and stretched.

Intro to Aerials:  The class will begin to work on an Aerial Sling or Trapeze pending on the students’ preferences.

Jazz: Jazz dance is typically the style of dance you see on Broadway, concerts and television. Students warm up with stretching, isolations, strengthening exercises, and across the floor exercises such as turns and leaps.The class ends with a combination that is usually fast-paced and danced to popular music. Jazz shoes are optional; socks or bare feet acceptable.

Lyra / Aerial Hoop:  This apparatus is a steel hoop suspended in the air.  You will learn skills to help you soar and spin on this unique apparatus.

Mixed Level Silks:  This class will be taught to the level of the students.

Musical Theater: Students will learn jazz dance choreography from musicals along with tap dance basics2

Open Practice: Work on your dance, acrobatic and aerial skills to prepare for class or a performance.  A CC&DC teacher will be on site like a lifeguard at a pool but not able to teach skills.

Pilates: Using the Pilates Method, you will increase your core strength and overall mobility.

Tap: Tap is an original American dance style that combines music and dance traditions from West Africa and the British Isles. Classes focus on technique and musicality and are supplemented by a wide variety of musical genres.  Tap shoes required. 

Trapeze: Two ropes and a solid steel bar is this apparatus that will take you soaring, spinning ands swinging into the air.