“Dance is more than learning steps. Each time you dance you create an experience that you share with yourself and others. In my life I have learned that it is these experiences, not objects, which make us happy.”
– Caroline Calouche

September 4 – June  1


 Class Schedule






Training Program

Training Program Expectations & Guidelines

  • An in-depth program for students who want to pursue serious training in Dance and Aerial.
  • Dance & Aerial classes both required
  • 2 hours minimum of Open Practice required per month (see Open Practice page for schedule) $10 per month Open Practice fee due monthly with tuition
  • 4 Hours of Class Per Week Minimum

Please email info@cltcirquedancecenter.org if you/your child wishes to participate in the training program.



Open Program

Open Program is a our recreational classes. Students still learn proper technique and have fun but the teachers will structure their classes at a leisurely pace than training program students.

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