To reserve Studio Theater time, email  to check availability.

All first time users must arrange an Orientation Meeting with our Studio Manager and sign a Charlotte Cirque and Dance Center Rental Agreement.

Please note that no rigging except on pulley systems is allowed without advance permission and proof of insurance may be required for any activities.

Flooring in all studios are sprung with marley dance floor.

Theater is located in STUDIO 1

Theater Performance Space: 33 ft x 26 ft
Stage Right Wing: 8 ft wide
Stage Left Wing: 5 ft wide
Ceiling Height: 20′

Lighting Equipment

Floor Plates
6)  Ellipsoidal conventional instruments on floor plates for side lighting

Over Stage
6)  LED color strips
4)  Ellipsoidal conventional instruments for area light Diagonal High Sides

Over Seating

2) Ellipsoidal conventional instruments for cross lighting the DS lane for bows/face light